Natural Law

malefemale (2)

I was quite surprised at Ryan Sorba’s rebuke of CPAC.  I was not surprised by the hateful audience that judged him.  Their words are hurtful.  They are judging him.  Why must they shout down his opinion… unless they are one of the many automatons coming out of the universities now-a-days who believe that there should not be freedom of speech.  When a position cannot be defended rationally, just scream louder… but that is argument ad baculum.

We may not agree with his ethos, but we cannot argue with his logic; Or, please give an argument from reason, not emotion.  Male and Female distinctions are probably the best example of natural law.  This was common-place thinking with the Founding Fathers, “…laws of nature and of nature’s God…”  But this then points to an objective and timeless standard, something #liberallogic must categorically dismiss.


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