Morality Matters

Hell’s angels inherited their eternal abode when they rebelled against God (Matthew 25.41). It is interesting how groups adopt the icons of the losing team as their mascot. Even more interesting is the American love for the culture of death. When city councils refuse to consider the moral implications of city businesses, they are protecting the culture of death. To refuse to address these issues is to sell their souls, and the souls of those in their city, to the devil… or at least to his

On full display last Council meeting was this protection of the culture of death. Mayor Thompson is a mayor who undoubtedly cares about the people of Coolidge. Through all of our disagreements, I have never doubted the Mayor’s commitment to the people of Coolidge. Mayor Thompson bolstered his support for Mamma Jugs’ liquor license by reasoning that we wouldn’t deny Irish people (his example) the freedom to do business because they were Irish. Steve Hudson, a man I consider to be a friend, added this to the mayor’s reasoning: “If there was a gay, lesbian, transvestite people came in opened up a bar, would you discriminate against them because you don’t feel that that’s the way your life is, or what you believe in… I don’t think you would… its America, it’s a free country.”

Everyone discriminates. Every vote a council person makes is a discrimination, an action based upon what that person thinks is right for the city, or wrong for the city. To our demise, however, is the false notion that morality must never weigh into this discriminating process. The gods of Political Correctness demand that all city councils bow down and sacrifice moral convictions on their altar. How foolish. Thank you, Tatiana Murrieta, for thumbing your nose at them.

Mayor Thompson’s argument confuses categories. I would not deny an Irishman the right to do business in our city. Being born an Irishman is not a sin. I would, however, vote against the approval of a gay bar, a pornography shop, or a strip club. Those institutions represent moral issues, not civil rights. Sin creates a culture of death which will eventually die on its own- but it will take Coolidge with it. Instead of Bedford Falls we will get Pottersville.

The main premise is this: Morality matters. Every decision is a moral decision. Everyone discriminates: “Is this good for the community, or not? Will this help Coolidge, or harm? Will this decision put Coolidge in a better state, or worse?”

I would agree with Councilman Hudson’s assessment that groups are “innocent until proven guilty.” That belief is biblical. It is moral. However, that belief does not stand in a moral vacuum. Left unqualified, at some point it will cease to promote that which is good, and begin to protect that which is evil (1 Peter 2.14). At some point the community needs leaders who, like Tatiana and the woman in the crowd, stand up and say “morality matters.” This takes wisdom, courage, and conviction.

What will the people of Coolidge demand of their leaders? One lady showed up and, at great personal risk to herself, spoke truth to power. She was exactly right when she said that approving the liquor license for Mamma Jugs puts the financial security of the city in danger. I agree with her. It is a biblical premise that God’s blessings bring economic benefits, and God’s curses strip those benefits away (Deuteronomy 28). Decisions should be made in the fear of God. In other words… morality matters. Hell does have angels… they are called “fallen angels” for a reason.


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