The Puppet Master – Progressives Are Always Racists

Ok, so the youth leader, or whatever he is, is preaching a sermon out on a field with either actors, or unsuspecting hapless victims of the puppet master.  LADBible is a media group, and the video is a well done propaganda piece.  Hillary would be proud.

Like Khan putting larva in Chekhov’s ear – oh, how that makes me shudder – our progressive prophet implants the devastating idea that somehow those who have parents who stayed together should be ashamed, and those whose parents split up should feel cheated by those whose parents stayed together.  Unwittingly, though, he affirms God’s law – just not in the way that he, or many Christians suppose.  At this point, we will only consider his first question – note the use of music to stir emotion; and camera angle to set the emphasis.  On this point I wish Christians would stop being so obstinate and postmodern.  That’s why Hollywood beats the pants off us in movie-making… we just will not admit that the music matters (not just the lyrics).   Hence, with great media excellence they move you to accept the message from the very start.  You are weakened and vulnerable to accept what they are selling, just because they have put forth media according to God’s law (certain notes are meant to illicit certain feelings).  But, alas, on to the content – and I only have time to deal with the false prophet’s first statements.

The point of the video: privilege.  But not just any privilege.  White privilege.  That is what makes this video so insidious.  It is a racist video.  At the 1 minute left mark the prophet admits it is a racist video when he says, “I guarantee some of these black dudes would smoke all of you.”  Why the color issue?  Why did it matter to point out black dudes at the starting line?   Were there no white dudes at the starting line?  Humanists can only blame surface issues – skin color.  They deny God, so they deny moral absolutes.

The statement, “Take two steps forward if both of your parents are still married…”  This is a great question to decipher privilege, and until he mixes it with his agenda, it stands true.  Standing alone the statement does denote privilege.   If your parents stayed together, you have an advantage – just like God designed (Genesis 1.26-28; Ephesians 6.1-45; Deuteronomy 6, etc.)  And what does that have to do with blacks?  Unfaithful parents is not a color issue, unless you are trying to point out, “Hey black people, why don’t you get married and stay married.  Why are white people killing you statistically in this area?  Why are abortions more prevalent in the black community, and fatherless homes are rampant?”  Isn’t that kind of racist?

He is making the problem worse by manifold degrees.  Fatherless homes in the black community stems from irresponsible black men & women, and this puppet master seeks to inspire more blacks to shift the blame to whites, instead of taking responsibility for their situation.

Let’s be honest.  This video is meant to illicit a politically motivated response – take from those who have, and give to those who do not.  This is not a color issue, it is an economic issue.  This is theft by vote and it violates Scripture. (But, in true Saul Alinsky fashion, don’t let color go to waste.  Stir them emotionally and they will never think about whether something is true or false.  Nothing stirs the emotions like a little racism.

Yes, having parents who stay together is totally unfair, beautifully unfair, righteously unfair, and by God’s design.  The message should have been, take responsibility now and do not pass on bondage to your next generation.  Don’t blame shift (Genesis 3).  It is God who makes you rich or poor (1 Samuel 2.7; Proverb 22.2).  Do not covet (Exodus 20), like the man in the video is trying to inspire in you.  Seek God’s blessing, for it is He who improves your station in life (Deuteronomy 8.18).


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