Western Privilege

Western Privilege
Progressive buzz words work like a bouy in the water – they are always keeping people on the surface. Anyone connected to the bouy will find it hard to dive beneath the surface to drink from the truth. While wind and wave toss a bouy violently on the surface, the waters below are calm. It is here that God reveals His truth – it is only found by those who seek with a whole heart.

Hence, the term “White Privilege” is meant to keep people in an emotional storm.It is a quick and easy way to shut down any argument, labeling people by the color of their skin, instead of the content of their character. The insidiousness of this deceptive ploy is that it seeks to dismantle Western Civilization – something that Christianity built. It is Christian principle that laid the foundations of limited government and individual liberties.

While Genesis 11 still exists in the form of Washington DC, Progressives and Conservatives alike continue to call for still bigger government to save man, and make man pay for his fomer generation’s sins. This is both impossible, and wicked. If God says the meek shall inherit the earth, they will, and it happens over the generations. Living under God’s blessing brings prosperity & peace. It transforms a culture – they no longer lock their doors at night, and the Department of Economic Security goes out of business. Western Privilege is what we have inherited from the gospel and it is color blind.

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